Get best Premium Products from GERMANY

Natural resources of our earth have to be saved and it is absolutely necessary to treat them with care!

The know how for sustained improvement of the quality of life is available!

The core business of SGPP is the Import and Export of high-performance environmental technologies and products. Our future-oriented and ecologically friendly methods help to improve a worth living environment. We simultaneously combine ecology and economy.

We transform your normal tap water into high-quality drinking water using our 8-Phase Diamond Standard for drinking water; without any chemicals only with natural Conditioner as UV-C technology; World best technology from a combination "made in Germany" and "made in Australia".

For humans, animals and environment, it is with high quality of life to shape our common future sustainable especially important in a clean environment. SGPP works hard and provide customers with the highest quality products and solutions at competitive prices.


The combination between High Technology from Germany with the famos "carefree" Brand from Australia

bring to you an uniqe combination how you can improve your tap water and transform it to world best quality and fantastic experience - experience your joy on the water in a new dimension-

SGPP invite you to become member of the new world of clean water as a "Diamond Standard".

At a cultural level and at a technological level. We do this, so that the insights and knowledge we have gained can be incorporated in our work. And thus into your bathroom, kitchen or your spa.